ISC Konstanz unterstützt Solar Team Eindhoven beim Bau eines 5-sitzigen familientauglichen Solarautos


We are very proud to present you Stella Vie! For the first time, we have built a solar-powered family car for 5 persons! It is the most efficient family car ever built. And as you can see, she is superduper sexy. We have a beautifully curved roof with 5 m² of solar cells. This is 1 m² less than Stella and Stella Lux. Yet, we can still drive 1000 km on one full battery on a Dutch summer day, enough to drive you all the way from Eindhoven to the south of France.
Are you wondering how we achieved that? It is all about optimizing the efficiency of Stella Vie. One of the most important factors is the aerodynamics of the car. We have improved the aerodynamic shape with 9 percent compared to Stella Lux, and even 20 percent if you would compare it to Stella……..